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At ACE Safety we put a high emphasis on the importance of understanding the need for custom solution packages and the uniqueness of our clients safety and business priorities & needs.


Please send us a note indicating the service(s) of your interest and we'll reply to you request by e-mail, phone or by scheduling a brief visit to your location to help you clarify any doubts or needs you may have.

• All our OHS Service Packages are Adjusted to YOUR Budget
• Hazards & Compliance Assessments, Inspections, Reports
• OHS Program Evaluation & Progressive Creation
• Monthly Health & Safety Meetings with Management, JH&SC and Safety Coordinator
• Creation of New Policies & Procedures: i.e. COVID-19 Safety Plan, Hazards Reporting, Inspections and Investigations


  • Workplace Health & Safety Hazard Assessments

  • Health & Safety Training Requirements Assessments

  • Health & Safety Procedures Requirements Assessments

  • Workplace Violence & Harassment Assessments

  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements Assessments

  • Equipment / Machine / Tools Hazard Assessments

  • Machine Specific Lockout / Tagout Hazard Assessments

  • Organizational Health, Safety & Prevention Culture Evaluations

  • Health & Safety as Core Values Motivational interventions

  • Health & Safety On-site Behavioral Observations

  • Health & Safety On-site Controls Evaluations and Follow-up

  • Health & Safety On-site Procedures and Protocols Evaluations

  • Internal Training Components Effectiveness Evaluations

  • Incident Reporting & Communication Process Evaluations

  • Workplace Comprehensive & Effective Inspections

  • Accident / Incident Investigations

  • Emergency / Fire Drills Coordination & Evaluations

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ACE SAFETY - Health and Safety Training and Consulting Services - Toronto - Ontario
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